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Dj Texas

Hails from Ft.Worth Texas…Lives in Las Vegas for 23 yrs. In the 90s I booked Rockabilly shows under the name Kats Like Us Productions. I put on shows here in Las Vegas from 96 to 2001. I booked tours for band like Three Bad Jacks, Josie Kreuzer, Hillbilly Hellcats, Dragstip 77, Mack Stevens, The Chop Tops…ect DJ Texas has a Show called Always Rollin’ The Rock…This show is going to go deep into the Rollin Rock Studios and have one on one conversations with Rockin Ronny Wieser!! As well as interviews with the Bands of Rollin’ Rock Records This show is dedicated to Rollin Rock Record and only play Rollin Rock Records Artist.. And the other 3 shows Friday Morning V1 The Traditional Side of Rockabily Friday Afternoon V2 the Rockabilly Side and Sunday V3 the Reved Up Rockabilly/Psychobilly side of Texas and Poison Ivy & Friends every week we brings you Rockabilly Meltdown where we will focus more on the 50s till present day Rockabilly Music…. Rockbilly Meltdown with DJ Texas & Poison Ivy is 3, 4 hour show where we focus on more modern Rockabilly and where we never repeat any shows!!! we will be playing Rockabilly, County, Blues, Cowboy Songs, Hillbilly & Rock N Roll, Roots related music along with all the Billy Genders….We also have Poison Ivy and The ladies Of Rockabilly she will spin those Beautiful Ladies of Rockabillyand alot with the rest of the Rockabilly Crew we have DJ LEE DK, DJ MONKEY & DJ FRAN and this motley crew will Rock your Socks off!!!.

Always Rollin’ The Rock!!

DJ Texas

Nico Druijf

Hi, my name is Nico Druijf from Hoorn in the Netherlands.
I love rock & roll, rockabilly, western-swing, , Blues, Rhythm’n’blues, honky-tonk and so on. I think that started for me when i was about 12 years old.
I always played in bands and on this moment play double bass in a bluegrass band called The Oldtime Stringband. I did a radioshow for eight years for a local radiostation and now here at Radiobilly.com.


DJ Rambling Hoss

Born and raised on his parents farm in the hills of the country side of Germany he was introduced and infected to the Rockabilly-Virus by a friend at the age of 15. 
Now, aged 42, he is still rockin´ around.
Since 1998 he is a DJ on several rockin´ events in the area of his hometown, as well known as the legendary “Wildcat Night” in Frankfurt, Germany.
Since 2010 he´s playing the snare in his american-roots-band ”The Henhouse Ramblers”.
In the past he has organized several record hops and concerts too, where he also did his job as DJ.
You can meet him on several rockin´ events in Germany and Europe.
His favorite music styles are nearly all rockin´ styles of the 50´s, as there are Rockabilly, Hillbilly, Rhythm and Blues, Western Swing, Rock´n´Roll, boppin´ Blues, and also some Swing tunes.

Dj Tomcat

Tomcat has promoted the Rockabilly culture in México during his musician trajectory, it is one of the important elements in the growing scene of his country. He has performed on stages in Mexico City as Tomcat & the Rock & Roll Combo, and Monterrey with The Flames Satin (with Golo Soul and Jungle George on Bass). There have also been some cultural performances with different bands and he has promoted the lifestyle and music of the 50’s .
He had a chance to play two times at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender festival with Los Benders, where he also joined as a guest for the surf band Los Santísimos Snorkels.





Tomas Amador
Amador Publicidad
(81)1926-2759 / 811 393 0826

DJ Pocket Rocket

– born : 1959

-my country : good old West Germany 

– my hometown : Rheydt

– my first love : 50´s Rock´n´Roll – since 1975

– my second love : Cars of the 50´s and 40´s

– my third love : 50´s lifestile

– my mission : Spinnin´ 50´s Rock´n´Roll records as D.J. – since 1977

– my Occupation : Master Gun and Stock Maker

– my military service : paratrooper in the German Army – from 1979 to 1987

– my hobbys : U.S. and German History
 – antik guns, pistols and rifles

– I hate : modern music since 1970

“… well , hey Mr. Cop look out tonight – if you try to put a stop to me tonight – cause tonight we`re gonna rock a rock around… ”

DJ Steve Stack Of Wax

DJ Steve Stack Of Wax – England ~ Joined the rockin’ scene in 1978 and started DJ’ing in 1983 around the city of Nottingham. In 1985 he moved to the south-coast town of Bournemouth. Over the last 30 years he has run several rockin’ clubs and DJ spun at rockin’ clubs and weekenders all over England including Hemsby, the Rhythm Riot and the Atomic, also clubs and weekenders in Italy @ the Summer Jamboree & Get Rhythm, in Spain @ the High Rockabilly & Rockin’ Race Jamboree, plus the Boiler R&B club in Barcelona, in Germany @ the Walldorf weekenders & the legendary Wildcat Night club in Frankfurt, also in Holland and France too.

Steve now hosts the weekly ‘Wednesday Night Rockin’ Party’ radio show on East Dorset’s Forest FM 92.3 and on WWW.FORESTFM.CO.UK between 20.00 – 22.00 (uk time).

DJ Luke the Duke

Hi, I’m Luke the Duke .. Started DJ on Radio City London in early 1980’s as Well as DBC Radio London .. around this time I started Doing Mobile DJ ing at various Rock n Roll Clubs around London … I just love the Music of the 50’s .. I play Strictly Roots Rockin’ Music .. Enjoy the Show .

Boppin “P”

I Love Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly, Blues and Rhythm’n’blues, doo-Wop, Early Soul, some “Psychobillies”, Country & Western, Bluegrass, Honky Tonk, Western Swing,”Revival Ted” and “Neo-Rockab”… from the late 40–50’s to now.

James Riley

My mom’s Elvis albums and movies like American Graffiti and Buddy Holly Story left quite the impression on me that continues to this day. I live in the Nashville, TN area and seek out record stores everywhere I go looking for music that fuels this passion. I’ve done radio promotions for over 20 years and started this radio show in early 2014 as an outlet to help spread music that moves me. My goal is to help people remember the music they loved and turn them on to new favorites. Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour is a unique blend of modern and vintage rockabilly, blues, surf, roots, early rock and country. We have exclusive interviews with artists both new and legendary like Dion, The Beach Boys, Billy Burnette, Robert Gordon, Phil Alvin (The Blasters), Kim Wilson (Fabulous Thunderbirds) and much more!

James Riley
VP of Promotions-Shamrock Media Group
Director of Promotions- Lanark Records
Host- Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour
121 Patton Court
Ashland City, TN 37015


I am a musician, former producer, dj and collector of vinyl records and CDs. The roots of rock n roll in the 40s and 50s, as well as their variations during the 80 and 2000 are my great passion! l’m gaucho from Porto Alegre, and now living in Las Vegas, where I remain ever mindful of the rocker bands and scenery of the moment.
My new segment rolls into the Rockabilly Meltdown, with DJ Texas, fridays (1am & 15pm) and sundays (15 pm) and it brings the main psycho, punk garage and rockabilly bands from everywhere in the world, specially north and south america, and it calls ‘rockabilly trancazzo’. just because it’s ‘puro trancazzo!!’.

DJ Raniero Fifties

Raniero Fifties is from southern Italy and begins to tread the Rockabilly scene in 1985 transported by a friend “Antonio Rockin’ink” of his own city. In 1998 he began to spend his first recordings in motorcycle rallies Marcianise. In November 2013 there is a turning point in his life begins to select and mix his records for Radiobilly.

His musical culture varies Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, Hillbilly and 1950s style Rock’n’Roll presented by The Rockabilly, 40s, etc…

DJ Spy

That’s a couple of shows in the past. Play Nowas records professional for 14 years all the big festivals in Germany Usa, Japan, etc… The favorite style Dj Spy are generally poorly known wild and crazy artists of the past,but also new rock bands.

Styles: Wild Rockers and Boppers. R&B and everything to get crazy. In my hometown Mannheim I´ve done my radioshow for 13 years called VOODOO LOUNGEAnd also VOODOO LOUNGE my weekly podcast on Podomatic. My style is wild R&B, red hot Rockabilly and all stuff to get crazy… So let me know, if you need a DJ for your show. It would be nice if you could me a feedback.

All the best from Germany.

Billy Joe Rocker

Billy Joe Rocker: Musician, Producer and DJ from Brazil. He formed his first Rockabilly band in 1998 called Old Stuff Trio. It was also the DJ’s biggest party of the 50’s has performed in southern Brazil called FIVE. Today besides musician and DJ is also a producer of the first Rockabilly Weekender southern Brazil called BIG RIVER FESTIVAL held every six months in Sapucaia do Sul – RS – Brazil.

BIG RIVER SHOW: It’s all Billy Joe likes to play at every party where he works as a DJ. From Bluegrass to the Neo Rockabilly.

DJ Spaceman

Started listen and then collect american roots music in 1991. Soon after decided to concentrate on rockin’ stuff. Started to spin records at rockin’ events in mid 1990-s, after some years decided to organise and promote the gigs also, published my own magazine, called “HepCat”, organised gigs for lotsa foreign rockin’ bands and performers. Took part as a DJ or/and organiser of many great parties in Moscow, Petersburg and some other cities. More to follow. A lot of things from 1950-s and everything could be considered as rockin’ is in the focus of my interest.

DJ Nick Astro

Dj Nick Astro connoisseur lot of styles of the 40s, 50s and 60s rarities passionate, Nick Astro invites us to walk through the universe full of great beats with his weekly show Knock, Knock!

DJ Lance Vegas

Good rocking stuff Ladies and Gents!

Lance Vegas lives in Zurich and has been involved in DJaying since 1995. He has progressed through several music genres and is therefore an extremely versatile DJ who knows what is required at both ends of the range.

His ability to feel what the guests expect of a good Rock’n’Roll night and his musical spectrum makes him a popular choice for club promoters. His talents are made obvious with his ability to deliver long sets, which take the crowd on a roller coaster ride of pure indulgence.

​Clive Reynolds

Born in Paddington, West London at 1963. Now lives in Bedfordshire, England. Went to most of the Rockin´Clubs and many Weekenders Trough the late 70s-80s. Now out at New Rockin’ clubs with old friends. Loves all Rockin’ especially Rockabilly of Course!!!

Dj Monkey

I was born in a city were was difficult find good music
I grew up with Starlight records cd comps of my daddy, my favorite song were The Girl Most Likely of Jeannie C. Riley… when I’ve started to drive, I went around for every country at hunt good records for me and friends.
Before punk like Ramones, Damned (my favorite) or Black Flag, and then ’60 garage, since that I find R’n’B and Soul of Chess Records! It was shock!
It was the sound who I was looking for!
So I’ve ask at one local radio a space for run this song: Monkey was!
Just take songs,like fleas, under turntable’s needle.
Rhythm and Blues, Rock’n’Roll and maybe a shout of Soul with a littel beat of wild garage!
Stay tuned and drop out for 25 minuts… or more and more!

DJ Juke Joint Jenni

Juke Joint Jenni started her show, Juke Joint Revival, on an Oklahoma FM station in January of 2010. She has always loved roots music and participated in many live events and weekenders over the years. Jenni found a love for deejaying on the radio and eventually spinning vinyl live at events.

The Juke Joint Revival is a radio show that primarily focuses on roots music/ roots rock. Juke Joint Jenni spins a variety of Rhythm and Blues, Rockabilly, Western Swing, Jump Blues, Boppers, Jivers, and Strollers. Juke Joint Revival delivers favorite and obscure hits from all around the world from past to present.

DJ Wagnão

Old goer of the rocker scene and member of one of the most traditional Brazilian rocker gangs “Ases do rock n’roll”. He started his career as a DJ in the beginning of the 90’s playing in vintage cars shows and later in the main parties dedicated to Rockabilly music. Because of his knowledge of all the styles related to the Rockabilly culture and due to his versatility he is often invited as a DJ in festivals in Brazil and abroad. At Radiobilly DJ Wagnao has as mission to show the best that was and is been produced in the Brazilian rocker scene.

Johnny B

I started DJing on my own in some of the local clubs & bars in Philly. Music was always a huge passion for me at a real early age. I grew up listening to some of the great Philly Jocks like Hy Lit, Andy Volvo, Georgie Woods. My dream was to do a live show of my own some day. Steve Applebaum made it all happen for me in 2008. He was one of music mentors that I admired. I started out with Goldradio in 2008 and 2010 on The Doo Wop Cafe. I now have a radio station of my own www.bvharmonyradio.com. It’s all for the listeners who love a mix of music such as R&B, vocal harmony and other genres of music. It is a pleasure to be a part of Radio Billy. Tune in when you get a chance!

Know about Rockabilly

Rockabilly is one of the most representative genres born from the Rock and Roll in the 50s.

Rockabilly is a fusion with the Hillbilly, Country, Western Swing, Rhythm & Blues, Boogie Woogie and Appalachian folk music.

There are many artists who made this great honor among the most representative genre we could quote Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Bob Luman, Johnny Burnette, Warren Smith among many others…

As well born in the middle era of social and racial tensions, the vast majority of the musicians that shaped this genre were from the country, hillbilly, Western Swing music was clearly touched by whites.

Although the hallmark of Sam Phillips gave a substantial change and a more welcoming black influence white musicians such Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis among others who had a great influence of blues musicians, Rhythm & Blues, Boogie Woogie of the time but also influenced by white music trends as the styles mentioned above.

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Aisha Khan Rhythm and Blues Revue, In Concert , Saturday 23 January, Barcelona. Spain.




Steve Stack of Wax TOP Rockabilly Shows .Courtesy of ForestFM 92.3 all Wednesday Live Show


Courtesy of ForestFM 92.3 all Wednesday Live Rockin´Party Radio Show http://www.forestfm.co.uk

Steve Stack of Wax Mixcloud Shows.

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Chris Isaak meets the man entrusted with Elvis Presley’s suitcase of 78s records Chris meets guitar legend Scotty Moore who has been ‘holding’ Elvis’s 78s since 1968.

Ivoox Magazine nº 346 Radiobilly Top shows for Blues & Jazz

Good news ! We have included in Ivoox Magazine No. 346 in the section of Blues and Jazz as TOP shows. It is great news that this Radiobilly within this powerful Magazine by having listeners.
Buenas noticias ! nos han incluido en el Magazine de Ivoox nº 346 en el apartado de Blues y Jazz como TOP shows . Es una gran noticia que Radiobilly este dentro de este Magazine por el gran alcance que tiene de oyentes.

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Mack Stevens & Los Paganos del Ritmo New LP Bop in the Blues


11872597_10207855257802118_2134188607_nmack new album






If you’re tuned in to Radiobilly.com, then we know you want the real authentic rockin’ stuff- well, here’s a real treat for you- a new LP of killer raw home recorded bop, hillbilly, blues, and rockabilly by Mack Stevens’ new band, LOS PAGANOS DEL RITMO! 15 primitive tunes that put to shame any of the clean pop rockers that are out there! Recorded live in Buenos Aires by Mack, Fer, and Path, the Paganos LP “BOP N’ THE BLUES” is a delicious blend of delta blues and hillbilly rhythms set to a slap bass beat! Go to www.mackstevens.com and check it out!! Be quick as only a few have been pressed, and they are selling out quickly!