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Mack Stevens

Mack Stevens, who hails from central Texas, was raised by his Okie dad and Arkansas mom to love the 50s music of Carl Perkins, Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Hank Williams. He’s played his own music since his teens and has released over 35 different 45s, lps, and CDs (and a 78 it’s rumored) on many labels from Japan to Germany. He continues this international trend by recording with bands from Argentina, France, really anyone who knows real rockabilly music. He currently lives in the Dallas, Texas area with his lovely bride Karina and they walk the walk and talk the talk of unreconstructed rockabillies. His shows, raw and wild, have created a record of what constitutes rockabilly. Mack divides his time collecting and selling vinyl records, recording, playing and traveling. You won’t hear the Stray Cat style rockers played on his show IN THE GROOVE, but you just might just hear Malcolm Yelvington or Sonny Fisher.

DJ Pooly Record Hop

Pooly Record Hop
First spot as a dj at 1992 at Barcelona, two years later moves to London due to work , then he learnt from the best dj’s at that moment. Coming back a year later and non stop since then….crazy for 45′s….. Spinnin’ the wax at BCN R-A-B Clubs, , France, Italy,Belgium, Holland,,,, eight times at The Rhythm Riot UK, Also broadcasting Radio Shows at Bcn…on Friday Night!
Don’t Stop Rockin’

DJ Steve Stack Of Wax

DJ Steve Stack Of Wax – England ~ Joined the rockin’ scene in 1978 and started DJ’ing in 1983 around the city of Nottingham. In 1985 he moved to the south-coast town of Bournemouth. Over the last 30 years he has run several rockin’ clubs and DJ spun at rockin’ clubs and weekenders all over England including Hemsby, the Rhythm Riot and the Atomic, also clubs and weekenders in Italy @ the Summer Jamboree & Get Rhythm, in Spain @ the High Rockabilly & Rockin’ Race Jamboree, plus the Boiler R&B club in Barcelona, in Germany @ the Walldorf weekenders & the legendary Wildcat Night club in Frankfurt, also in Holland and France too.

Steve now hosts the weekly ‘Wednesday Night Rockin’ Party’ radio show on East Dorset’s Forest FM 92.3 and on WWW.FORESTFM.CO.UK between 20.00 – 22.00 (uk time).

DJ Rambling Hoss

Born and raised on his parents farm in the hills of the country side of Germany he was introduced and infected to the Rockabilly-Virus by a friend at the age of 15.
Now, aged 42, he is still rockin’ around.

Since 1998 he is a DJ on several rockin’ events in the area of his hometown, as well known as the legendary “Wildcat Night” in Frankfurt, Germany. Since 2010 hes playing the snare in his american-roots-band “The Henhouse Ramblers”.

In the past he has organized several record hops and concerts too, where he also did his job as DJ. You can meet him on several rockin’ events in Germany and Europe. His favorite music styles are nearly all rockin “styles of the 50s”, as there are Rockabilly, Hillbilly, Rhythm and Blues, Western Swing, Rock’n'Roll, boppin’ Blues, and also some Swing tunes.

Contact: Hartmut Kammler Unterer Buhlschlag5 57334 Bad Laasphe Germany, phone 0049 (0) 2752-478760

DJ Luke the Duke

I Started DJ’ing in 1979 on Radio City (London) Which was a Land Based Pirate Radio Station. Which Broadcast on AM 1960Khz to London and beyond every sunday for 5 hours playing only 1950′s Roots Rockabilly, Rock’N'Roll between 1979-1984. During this time I started Doing Mobile Record Hops in Various Rockin’ Clubs around London.

Recently I did a Summer Season of Rockin’ Shows on Resonance Radio on London 104.4 FM and have Resumed again.

I play more or less an old school fast moving show which includes Rock a Billy, Rock’n'Roll, Jivers, Strollers plus British and American Artists.

DJ Raniero Fifties

Raniero Fifties is from southern Italy and begins to tread the Rockabilly scene in 1985 transported by a friend “Antonio Rockin’ink” of his own city. In 1998 he began to spend his first recordings in motorcycle rallies Marcianise. In November 2013 there is a turning point in his life begins to select and mix his records for Radiobilly.

His musical culture varies Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, Hillbilly and 1950s style Rock’n'Roll presented by The Rockabilly, 40s, etc…

DJ Fran

Acetates Lover Dj Fran wildest invites us to walk hand of styles of 40s and 50s, Western Swing, Hillbilly, Rockabilly and pure Rock & Roll. It was as a DJ in Barcelona in the 90s later I stop to attend to other personal matters and now returns tackles delight with its arsenal. Insurance infect you with his great passion in their sessions. Dj Fran bet us a hot and vitamin-loaded vinyl. Dj Fran www.Rockabilly-Radio.net is also in one of the best online betting strong radios.

DJ Spy

That’s a couple of shows in the past. Play Nowas records professional for 14 years all the big festivals in Germany Usa, Japan, etc… The favorite style Dj Spy are generally poorly known wild and crazy artists of the past,but also new rock bands.

Styles: Wild Rockers and Boppers. R&B and everything to get crazy. In my hometown Mannheim I´ve done my radioshow for 13 years called VOODOO LOUNGEAnd also VOODOO LOUNGE my weekly podcast on Podomatic. My style is wild R&B, red hot Rockabilly and all stuff to get crazy… So let me know, if you need a DJ for your show. It would be nice if you could me a feedback.

All the best from Germany.

Boppin “P”

I Love Rock’n'Roll, Rockabilly, Blues and Rhythm’n'blues, doo-Wop, Early Soul, some “Psychobillies”, Country & Western, Bluegrass, Honky Tonk, Western Swing,”Revival Ted” and “Neo-Rockab”… from the late 40–50′s to now.

Billy Joe Rocker

Billy Joe Rocker: Musician, Producer and DJ from Brazil. He formed his first Rockabilly band in 1998 called Old Stuff Trio. It was also the DJ’s biggest party of the 50′s has performed in southern Brazil called FIVE. Today besides musician and DJ is also a producer of the first Rockabilly Weekender southern Brazil called BIG RIVER FESTIVAL held every six months in Sapucaia do Sul – RS – Brazil.

BIG RIVER SHOW: It’s all Billy Joe likes to play at every party where he works as a DJ. From Bluegrass to the Neo Rockabilly.

DJ Spaceman

Started listen and then collect american roots music in 1991. Soon after decided to concentrate on rockin’ stuff. Started to spin records at rockin’ events in mid 1990-s, after some years decided to organise and promote the gigs also, published my own magazine, called “HepCat”, organised gigs for lotsa foreign rockin’ bands and performers. Took part as a DJ or/and organiser of many great parties in Moscow, Petersburg and some other cities. More to follow. A lot of things from 1950-s and everything could be considered as rockin’ is in the focus of my interest.

G-Minus Mark

G-Minus Mark grew up on the southern shores of Portsmouth, England. In 1978 a friend introduced him to Rockabilly. After that fateful afternoon, he gathered up his allowance to purchase a Collins Kids LP and never looked back. Through the years he began to collect Hillbilly, Doo Wop, Rhythm & Blues, and anything obscure. While still in England he performed as a musician in The Pistoleers, later to be renamed Mark Lee Allen & The Driver Brothers. Presently, he records for Michel Baron’s record label Rockin’ Shelby based out of Holland. His latest release “Cold Black River” was cut at a truck stop outside of Tacoma, Washington, with Norton Records recording artist Bloodshot Bill. Currently, G-Minus Mark resides in the Pacific Northwest. His radio show Truckers Shuckers Freaks & Geeks is centered on rare 45-rpm records from the 50’s and 60’s. The lost platters he finds are dug up from the vinyl wastelands and brought back to his abandoned radio tower, next to a cemetery.

DJ Nick Astro

Dj Nick Astro connoisseur lot of styles of the 40s, 50s and 60s rarities passionate, Nick Astro invites us to walk through the universe full of great beats with his weekly show Knock, Knock!

Bill Smoker

Bill has been part of the London rockin ‘Rockabilly scene and collecting records for over 30 years.

The hottest in Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, Hillbilly and 1950s style Rock’n'Roll presented by The Rockabilly DJ, Bill Smoker.

Broadcasting from the world-famous studio under the stairs in Croydon, South London.

DJ Lance Vegas

Good rocking stuff Ladies and Gents!

Lance Vegas lives in Zurich and has been involved in DJaying since 1995. He has progressed through several music genres and is therefore an extremely versatile DJ who knows what is required at both ends of the range.

His ability to feel what the guests expect of a good Rock’n'Roll night and his musical spectrum makes him a popular choice for club promoters. His talents are made obvious with his ability to deliver long sets, which take the crowd on a roller coaster ride of pure indulgence.

Mouseman Zinn

Mouseman was a London DJ for over 28 years until he retired in Xmas 2011. He now does his regular show for internet… “HONKY TONKIN”. In his time as a DJ he ran some of Londons greatest Rockin Clubs during the 80s, 90s and the 00s. He has played at almost every international Rock’n'Roll event in many countries as a DJ and as a performer in his bands Red Hot n Blue and The Space Cadets. ‘Honky Tonkin’ focuses on all the great music from the 40s and 50s…Enjoy!

Dj Texas

Hails from Ft.Worth Texas…Lives in Las Vegas for 23 yrs. In the 90s I booked Rockabilly shows under the name
Kats Like Us Productions. I put on shows here in Las Vegas from 96 to 2001. I booked tours for band like
Three Bad Jacks, Josie Kreuzer, Hillbilly Hellcats, Dragstip 77, Mack Stevens…ect This show is going to
go deep into the Rollin Rock Studios and have one on one conversations with Rockin Ronnie Wieser!! This show
is dedicated to Rollin Rock Record. And on the second show every week DJ Texas brings you Rockabilly Meltdown
where we will focus more on the 90s till present day Rockabilly Music….We will be playing
Rockbilly Meltdown with DJ Texas is a 3 hour show where we focus on more modern Rockabilly
we will be playing Rockabilly, County, Blues, Cowboy Songs, Hillbilly & Rock N ROll, Roots related music.

DJ Toni Lyon

Born in Southern Spain and living in Barcelona.
Engineer by profession and fond of roots music: Hillbilly, Western Swing, Rockabilly and R & R.
Prodding from the festivities of the College, but at festivals recently, I’ve been to the following: Desert Wind Wild Rock and Roll Nights (Almería), Big Rumble (Pravia) and Rockin’Cruise (festival a week for the Mediterranean : Palermo, Naples and Cagliari Civitaveccia), apart from a handful of parties. In November I will be in Brazil in the Big River Festival.
Thanks for listening session, I hope you like it.
Regards and GrooooWWWW!!!

​Clive Reynolds

Born in Paddington, West London at 1963. Now lives in Bedfordshire, England. Went to most of the Rockin´Clubs and many Weekenders Trough the late 70s-80s. Now out at New Rockin’ clubs with old friends. Loves all Rockin’ especially Rockabilly of Course!!!

Dj Monkey

I was born in a city were was difficult find good music
I grew up with Starlight records cd comps of my daddy, my favorite song were The Girl Most Likely of Jeannie C. Riley… when I’ve started to drive, I went around for every country at hunt good records for me and friends.
Before punk like Ramones, Damned (my favorite) or Black Flag, and then ’60 garage, since that I find R’n'B and Soul of Chess Records! It was shock!
It was the sound who I was looking for!
So I’ve ask at one local radio a space for run this song: Monkey was!
Just take songs,like fleas, under turntable’s needle.
Rhythm and Blues, Rock’n'Roll and maybe a shout of Soul with a littel beat of wild garage!
Stay tuned and drop out for 25 minuts… or more and more!

DJ Alex

Alex Ruiz presents BOP STREET since 20 years ago, in the show you listen rock’n'roll, rockabilly, R’n'B, doo-wop, surf, 60′s beat, garage, powerpop, neo-rockabilly, psychobilly, country, western swing, hillbilly… and others 40′s, 50′s, 60′s styles.

DJ Juke Joint Jenni

Juke Joint Jenni started her show, Juke Joint Revival, on an Oklahoma FM station in January of 2010. She has always loved roots music and participated in many live events and weekenders over the years. Jenni found a love for deejaying on the radio and eventually spinning vinyl live at events.

The Juke Joint Revival is a radio show that primarily focuses on roots music/ roots rock. Juke Joint Jenni spins a variety of Rhythm and Blues, Rockabilly, Western Swing, Jump Blues, Boppers, Jivers, and Strollers. Juke Joint Revival delivers favorite and obscure hits from all around the world from past to present.

DJ Wagnão

Old goer of the rocker scene and member of one of the most traditional Brazilian rocker gangs “Ases do rock n’roll”. He started his career as a DJ in the beginning of the 90′s playing in vintage cars shows and later in the main parties dedicated to Rockabilly music. Because of his knowledge of all the styles related to the Rockabilly culture and due to his versatility he is often invited as a DJ in festivals in Brazil and abroad. At Radiobilly DJ Wagnao has as mission to show the best that was and is been produced in the Brazilian rocker scene.

DJ Skinny Jim

Skinny Jim takes us on a tour of the corner of his show Let’s Bop from Brazil. Rockabilly, NeoRockabilly, Jive, R&B…

Johnny B

I started DJing on my own in some of the local clubs & bars in Philly. Music was always a huge passion for me at a real early age. I grew up listening to some of the great Philly Jocks like Hy Lit, Andy Volvo, Georgie Woods. My dream was to do a live show of my own some day. Steve Applebaum made it all happen for me in 2008. He was one of music mentors that I admired. I started out with Goldradio in 2008 and 2010 on The Doo Wop Cafe. I now have a radio station of my own www.bvharmonyradio.com. It’s all for the listeners who love a mix of music such as R&B, vocal harmony and other genres of music. It is a pleasure to be a part of Radio Billy. Tune in when you get a chance!

Animal DJ Lee

Band drummer Rockabilly most important Argentina (Buenos Aires) “Los Primitivos” from 1988, Pianist fan of Boogie Woogie.

Vinyl collector, driven mad by the Early 78s Rock, Blues and Boogie Woogie. Lee has played with artists of the category of Mark Stevens (Texas). His sessions as Deejay always make an impression on the collective Rocker. Get ready for a high dose of Rockabilly Animal Animal Hand Lee.

Know about Rockabilly

Rockabilly is one of the most representative genres born from the Rock and Roll in the 50s.

Rockabilly is a fusion with the Hillbilly, Country, Western Swing, Rhythm & Blues, Boogie Woogie and Appalachian folk music.

There are many artists who made this great honor among the most representative genre we could quote Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Bob Luman, Johnny Burnette, Warren Smith among many others…

As well born in the middle era of social and racial tensions, the vast majority of the musicians that shaped this genre were from the country, hillbilly, Western Swing music was clearly touched by whites.

Although the hallmark of Sam Phillips gave a substantial change and a more welcoming black influence white musicians such Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis among others who had a great influence of blues musicians, Rhythm & Blues, Boogie Woogie of the time but also influenced by white music trends as the styles mentioned above.

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Radiobilly news page 1/13

Dj Texas new Shows for this Week !

Next week on Always Rollin’ The Rock will feature interviews with Rockin Ronnie on Johnny Legend!! Dont miss the next exciting eposode of Always Rollin’ The Rock….Whe your Host DJ TEXAS

Next on Rockabilly Meltdown we will be starting a new Series Called The History Of Rock N Roll Each week we focus on The History and how it came to be Rockabilly!!! Along with all the ROCKIN’ GIRLS Poinson Ivy, Lilliithe The Phychobilly Kitten and Diry Daisy playing that Greasy Rock N Roll for all your ROCKERS out there!!! With our spotlight on bands the Madatory Mack Stevens!!! Dont Miss the next eposode of Rockabilly Meltdown with DJ TEXAS

Remember Wake Up Rockabilly Meltdown next Friday 27 June

Rockabilly Meltdown with DJ TEXAS where we Meltdown the Rockabilly every weekend and we melt it all down into a hot steaming sticky gooy dripping pile of hot wax for all your Rockabillies out there in Rockabilly Land!! On the show we have Poison Ivy She plays all the Women Of Rockabilly to your savage soul!! Our Newest addition is Lillithe The Psycho Kitten she is going to go crazy for all the Psychobillies and Voodoo Dolls out there around the world!! We will all join together to bring you the biggest and largest selection of Traditional Rockabilly, Western Swing, Country, Greasy Rock N Roll and hard driving Psychobilly…So dont miss a beat and check out our show!!! Remember its the only SHOW WITH HUGE BALLS!!!

Morning :Always Rollin´The Rock with Ronny Weiser

Here how Rollin’ Rock Records got started. Hear all the great Rollin Rock Artist like Mack Stevens, Johnny Legend & His Rockabilly Bastards, Ray Campi, Mack Curtis along with all the great Rollin’ Rock Artist here on Always Rollin’ The Rock With your Host DJ TEXAS.

ronny weiser

Radiobilly recommended the movie “Stay Greasy” presented at the East End Film Festival.


Director: Jonathan Lowe, Melanie Malherbe
Premiere type: World
Location / Venue: Red Gallery
Running time: 85min
Country: UK
Year: 2014
Date: 20/06
Time: 7pm
A tale of straight razors and hair grease, this freewheeling film is proof that rockabilly is alive and well thanks to a small barber shop in the West End. At It’s Something Hell’s on Carnaby Street, the Toulouse-born Mr. Ducktail and his pin-up stylist wife Miss Betty ply their trade, coiffering the city’s pin-ups and hepcats. With his own brand of clothing, hair products and an enormous online following, Mr. Ducktail is something of a legend in the London rockabilly scene, and makes all his customers wait without appointment, celebrity or not. An exploration of the life and styles of a modern day 50′s rocker.
Followed by a very special live music night, band names TBC.

CD Review: The Hi-Fly Rangers, Another Gear by Buster Fayte

As soon as the Hi-Fly Rangers kick off the first few bars of “Misery Train,” the opening cut on their second record (the long-awaited followup to 2006′s Hot Rod Ride to the Moon) out on Goofin’ Records, you know you’re in for a treat. And from beginning to end, Another Gear keeps the promise of those first few bars. With a mix of cleverly chosen cover tunes and perfectly convincing originals, the Rangers rip through the 15 cuts on this disc with no-holds-barred, no apologies rockabilly.

The band is a three piece in the most classic rockabilly sense with upright bassist Jake holding down the entire bottom end by himself–there’s not a drummer to be heard on this record. KK–who also plays with Maibell and the Misfires–has the rockabilly sound down cold and plays great guitar throughout. With Vesa on vocals and rhythm guitar, the trio is complete.

I love the authentic sound these guys pump out. You get into this record quickly and fully and you certainly don’t miss the drums at all. These three guys make a big noise and it’s rockin’ through and through.

In a really nice note KK wrote when he sent this record to me, he points out that the record is basically a home recording and mostly done live. He mentions that he should pick up my book to learn more about home recording, but I can tell you that he could certainly teach me a thing or two about recording. I’ve been striving in my own studio to create an authentic vintage sound and I haven’t been all that happy with my results. But these guys have it knocked. This record sounds great. Everything is clear and distinct and yet it sounds vintage without sounding “old and out of date” (if that makes any sense).

The songs on this project range from out-and-out rockabilly rockers to classic country and hillbilly boogieish numbers. There’s even a rockabilly cover version of Adele’s “Skyfall” from the Bond flick. Sounds crazy, yeah, but these guys pull it off and it works.

I had lots of fun listening to how these guys put their instrumentation together. Like I said, you don’t miss the drums even one bit. Jake doesn’t play with a strong slap on all of the songs, but when he wants to use it, he uses it really, really well. It’s also fun to listen to the interplay between the bass and the rhythm guitar. Nowhere is this more cool than on their original tune “Please Baby Please” where the bass notes act as the kick drum on ones and threes while the acoustic guitar fills in for the missing snare drum on the twos and fours, with the bass string slaps keeping the rhythm usually provided by the hi-hat cymbals. And it’s like that on song after song.

Vesa–who I think wrote most of the originals here, although the liner notes are not totally clear on that–has a great rockabilly voice. He sounds at turns like Elvis, Johnny Burnette, Eddie Cochran…well, you get the idea. His influences are displayed proudly. But he doesn’t mindlessly ape his heroes. He takes their influences and crafts his own sound. These guys are Finish, and while you can catch Vesa’s accent every once in a while, for the most part he sounds convincingly American. And not just American, but authentically southern American at that. Not that that matters one way or the other because this is great music whether with an American accent or a Finish accent. Great music is just great music any way you look at it.

It always impresses me when I hear bands from around the world who have such a solid and true understanding of this music. I try to imagine myself singing Finish music in Finish and sounding anywhere near authentic. Of course, it couldn’t happen. But these guys have really studied this music and they have an amazing feel for it. Clearly they’ve studied their English too. Add on top of that their ability to write not only the music, but also lyrics that completely make sense to the ears of a native English speaker, is truly impressive.

This is a really fine record from beginning to end. Whether the band is singing one of the rockers or breezing through a classic country swinger, I’ve enjoyed this record thoroughly and I believe you will too if you appreciate authentic rockabilly delivered with honesty and total lack of pretension.

My recommendation: Get this record and start spinning it as soon as you can. You will not be disappointed!
Courtesy of Buster Fayte RockabillyRomp

Interview with George and Christine Gomez about their new book “Saving The King”


First of all, could you tell us who you are and what you are currently doing?

We are George and Christine Gomez, a married couple, who have recently written a fictional tale “Saving the King” about Elvis Presley based on our screenplay of the same name, which is catching buzz around Hollywood.
George has a nursing degree from Tennessee State University and has worked as a psychiatric registered nurse for over 30 years. He has extensive experience in the treatment of drug addiction and the effects of withdrawals. He is an avid golfer, a movie trivia buff with a movie group consisting of over 400 members, and is a lifelong Elvis fan.
Christine holds a computer science degree from CSU Chico and is a software developer for one of the nation’s premier national laboratories. She loves to read and spend time with her family. Through the journey of writing this book, she has developed a love of Elvis Presley and understands now why he was called the King of Rock n Roll.

Why did you write a book about Elvis Presley?

George grew up in Nashville, Tennessee during the sixties and seventies with a heavy dose of Elvis Presley music sharing the airwaves with the popular Country music of the region. George felt that listening to The King seemed as natural as drinking water. On that fateful Tuesday evening in 1977 when the news of Elvis’ death hung heavy in the air, George felt a great loss, as did millions of others, but he preferred to think of a different ending to the story. Out of the mournful thoughts of his teenage mind, the story began to germinate. As the years went by, he embellished the story and had a yearning to get it down on paper.
Christine grew up in the same era, but the airwaves in her California childhood were filled with the popular artists of the time. Elvis was considered a legend from a bygone time and was relegated to the “oldies” stations. She did not become a true fan until after she and George married in 2007. George’s enthusiasm for the story caught hold in Christine and the couple began the journey of bringing it to life in the form of a screenplay. With the screenplay under their belt, the next progression to the story was translating it into a book, and together they molded and shaped the story into what is now a truly endearing tribute to The King.

What’s this book all about?

Elvis Presley saves a young boy from a menacing stranger after a performance in 1956, setting up a chain of events that ultimately leads to a mystical encounter with an angel who sends Elvis on a journey that changes his destiny. The young boy grows up into a rich and powerful man who forces Elvis to confront the demons of his addictions. There are many threads to this story, such as the involvement of Johnny Cash to help orchestrate the plan while a down-and-out reporter investigates the mystery of Elvis’ death, getting too close to the truth. As the tale unfolds, the reader will be pulled back to the days when the King of Rock n Roll still sat upon his throne.

In your book description you are telling: “The young boy grows up into a rich and powerful man who forces Elvis to confront the demons of his addictions.” Wasn`t Elvis in that time the demon according to many people? Because of his sexy moves and how he dressed.

It’s true that there were people who considered Elvis to be very controversial and vulgar, but in reality he was a performer who knew how to mesmerize the crowd. The young boy in this story attended an Elvis concert with his parents who were Elvis fans as a result of a close friendship they shared with Johnny Cash and even God himself had a hand in Elvis and the young boy crossing paths that day.

Where can people get your book from and why should people buy this book?­

Look for the book in bookstores March 3. Saving the King paperback is available for pre-order here: http://waldorfpress.com/fiction.html (Click on the PayPal link. Shipping date is March 3)
It is also available now in eBook forma from any of the following links:

Kindle format: http://amzn.to/1hr07MX
Nook format: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/saving-the-king-george-gomez/1117903037?ean=9781628477931
ePub format through Lulu here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/george-gomez-and-christine-gomez/saving-the-king/ebook/product-21399192.html
Anyone will enjoy this book whether they are Elvis fans or not. It is an uplifting story of redemption about the greatest artist of all time and a page-turning adventure for all ages.
Five percent of the “Saving the King” book profits will be donated to the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation http://www.elvis.com/about-epe/giving.aspx